Email marketing can be a great way to communicate with your customers and get new leads. Read our top tips to find out everything you need to get started.

Creating a strong email marketing list can be extremely beneficial to educate your customers about new products and also to increase sales. It’s also a cost efficient way to market directly to your consumers and we’ve created a few tips to help you out if you’re thinking about starting email marketing for your small business:

Consider using email marketing software

If you are just starting out with your email marketing you may think that using a dedicated account via your email provider will be sufficient; however it is likely that this will not be sustainable for long as most email providers have limits on how many email addresses can be added to a single email.

Therefore it is worth considering using dedicated email software such as MailChimp or AWeber. These are usually quite affordable and also allow you to easily create professional-looking emails without any design skills. Email marketing software will also deal with any issues from broken or false email addresses so you don’t end up with an inbox full of error messages.

Make it easy to subscribe (and unsubscribe)

Add sign-up fields to your website, Facebook page and other online channels so that people can easily subscribe. Usually adding a line letting them know what exciting things to expect from your newsletter is a good way to persuade them to sign-up.

You should also provide a way for subscribers to easily opt-out of receiving your emails in the future; this can easily be done by an unsubscribe link in the footer and is normally added automatically if you are using email marketing software.

Send a welcome email

A really easy way to get people started as part of your email community is to send them a welcome email once they sign up for your email list. This can just be a short message thanking them for their sign-up as well as letting them know how many emails they should expect to receive. You may also want to ask them to add your email address to their address book so that your emails are not filed as spam.

Create content that people want to receive

This almost goes without saying but do not send material that people will consider as spam – your email address will be blocked and you may be prevented from sending emails in the future. Make your email friendly, interesting and easy to read. Break content up into short chunks and use images to attract attention. Above all have something to say that is relevant, useful or exciting for your customer – people receive a deluge of emails every day, yours needs to stand out!

Use statistics to monitor success

The other great thing about using email marketing software is that it will give you some idea on the performance of your email campaigns by showing you how many opens and clicks you have received. This is a really easy way to see what content is working and what is less popular. It can also help you to evaluate the design of your email by trialling different versions to see which get most engagement.

Some great resources for further reading on this topic include the HubSpot and Econsultancy blogs.