Today’s business environment puts pressure on organisations to be quick to respond to change, provide top levels of customer service and be in contact all the time. Making sure you have different types of broadband connectivity helps you and your employees achieve that. To work productively wherever you are, you need business-grade broadband in the office, and reliable mobile broadband on the move. So how do you go about choosing the perfect fixed and mobile broadband packages for your organisation?

Choosing mobile broadband

If you’re going to work effectively while you’re out and about, you need fast and robust mobile broadband. This is especially true if you have to access applications, documents and services, rather than just sending emails or accessing web pages. There are several different ways of getting online when you’re away from the office, including:
  • An internet-enabled phone or mobile device: this can be ideal when you just need something small and light that gives you access to the basics like email and websites.
  • A dongle: this plugs into a laptop and is great for when you need to do the kind of work you do in the office, like accessing applications and writing or editing documents.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi: some providers offer a small device that lets you set up your own personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, for when you have several colleagues or customers who all need access.
Every organisation and individual’s need is different, so make sure you choose a mobile broadband plan that’s right for you. That will make sure you’re not paying for features you don’t need or being charged for excess usage. For example, you might want to consider:
  • How much data allowance do you need? What are the additional charges if you go over this limit?
  • Does the plan include any useful extras, such as free access to paid-for Wi-Fi networks?
  • Can you ‘tether’ your phone (essentially using it as a modem for other devices, which is useful when you need occasional mobile broadband access from your laptop)?
  • Do you need international mobile broadband access? If so, does your mobile broadband provider have networks abroad or partnerships with other providers? What are the charges abroad?
  • How soon will your network give you access to superfast 4G mobile broadband speeds?

Choosing fixed line broadband

It’s easy to think that fixed line broadband is all the same – but where business is concerned, that’s not true. It’s important to choose a business-grade service with high levels of reliability, because your broadband service dropping out or running slowly can have a real impact on your organisation. Different fixed line broadband packages offer different features, so think carefully about exactly what your organisation needs. Here are a few of the features that are available:

Different download speeds

Although it’s fairly obvious, this is an important point. The faster the speed, the more you’ll be able to do with your broadband connection – but the cost can go up with higher speeds.

Higher upload speeds

Organisations that upload a lot of data or large documents should think about a service with a higher upstream speed, like a synchronous broadband service that gives the same bandwidth upstream and downstream.

Assured rate

This gives you a minimum guaranteed bandwidth all the time. That means that even if the network gets busy your service won’t drop below this speed. This is good for organisations that run business-critical applications over the internet or need to make large downloads reliably.

Unrestricted usage

If you use your broadband connection a lot, you might need a service that gives you unlimited usage, without restrictions or extra charges.

Dedicated service

If you can’t afford for your broadband service to slow down at all during peak periods, a dedicated service means you don’t share the connection with anyone else at all. To have a look at your options, check out Vodafone’s mobile broadband range.