We’ve all experienced times when our broadband connection slows down, usually because it’s a busy period with a lot of traffic running over the network. That can be really frustrating if you’re a consumer, but if you have a business, it can cause much bigger headaches. A slow internet connection can also slow your organisation down, making communications difficult, affecting online sales and stopping internet applications working properly. So what can you do about it? Assured rate broadband provides a minimum guaranteed bandwidth at all times, so even if the network gets busy your service won’t drop below this speed.

Who’s it for?

Assured rate broadband is suitable for any organisation that needs guaranteed bandwidth all the time to work effectively. For example, you might want to look at a service with guaranteed bandwidth if you:
  • Run applications over an internet connection that are really important to your business (say, Cloud applications like Google Apps, hosted email, collaboration tools or even CRM)
  • Need to be able to reliably download large files or volumes of data quickly
  • Handle a lot of online sales

How does it work?

Just like normal broadband services, assured rate broadband offers ‘up to XMbps’ download and upload speeds. But it also gives you a choice of guaranteed bandwidths so you can pick an option that suits your business. It’s also well worth checking out what else the service offers before you buy, so you know whether there are any hidden charges or Terms & Conditions that might affect your business. Look for a service that doesn’t have download restrictions and that gives you the inclusive extras your business needs (such as a free router, email antivirus and a high level of support).