The usual priorities are speed and download limits when you’re in the market for a new business broadband provider – but are there other things you should be taking into account? We’ve compiled three other important aspects you’ll definitely want to be considering when you are weighing up your options.

1. High quality business broadband

Because your needs are different to those of a casual home user, it’s important that you’re using a business-grade broadband service rather than a consumer service which might grind to a halt at peak times. Make sure your business broadband service meets your organisation’s specific requirements, too – for example, if you run a lot of important applications over the internet you might want a service with guaranteed speeds like Demon’s Premier Unlimited, or if you upload large files you could consider a service with plenty of upstream capacity, such as Demon’s SDSL business broadband.

2. Enterprise email

Some business broadband providers only give you access to a free online web email program which is not very valuable when you are planning to use the email service professionally. If this is a feature that is important to your business, make sure you choose a provider who gives you access to a program like Microsoft Exchange. This is Microsoft’s online professional suite and has lots of useful features and functionality – it comes as standard on all Demon business broadband packages.

3. Quality of the technical support

If your business is dependent on a broadband internet service for its daily operations then knowing that you can rely on a high standard of technical support when things go wrong is important for peace of mind. Check what times support lines are open, where call centres are based and investigate whether your broadband provider has implemented any service level guarantees. Let us know in the comments what other things you think are important when choosing a business broadband provider, or check out Demon’s business broadband products.